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Concealed Carry Combatives

The carrying of a concealed firearm in public is surely a great responsibility and not one to be taken lightly!  The ability to aim and accurately fire a pistol is surely a necessary skill set when considering to carry a concealed pistol.  However, often neglected in the thought process regarding carrying a concealed pistol is how to truly fight with a concealed weapon.  Often times violent encounters happen at extremely close ranges.  Sometimes the fight is on before a weapon can be pulled or the fight is actually over the weapon itself.  This class will address the realities of street violence and how those realities often quickly develop.  This class will give you invaluable experiential knowledge regarding the set up, use and deployment of a concealed weapon.  This class is unlike any other handgun course you will attend.  The goal of this course is not to shoot bulls eyes.  The goal of this class is to give you real life skills and the ability to fight with a concealed weapon versus simply pulling and firing a handgun.  If you carry concealed for your own personal protection or that of your family, you will not want to miss this class!!  This class will consist of the use of simmunition.  The same type of training provided to our law enforcement and military who use these skill sets daily to protect life and liberty.

Topics covered:

  • Demystification of violence
  • Recognition of Pre-Incident Indicators
  • Gear selection and methods of carry
  • Knowing when to or when not to deploy a firearm
  • What does the law say about the use of force
  • Practical applications

Course Length: 8 Hours

Course Investment: $195

Pre-Requisite: HIGHLY Recommended you at least attend Street Combatives 1 & 2

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