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Responding to School Violence

As teachers, administrators, and school officials you live a life dedicated to the training and education of our society’s greatest resource…our children. However, there are some who would use our kids as pawns in their maniacal fantasies. While it is an uncomfortable concept, there are those who would seek to harm our children because they know that the injuring of children will bring them attention, status and notoriety…however misguided. Often, we do not want to face the reality that bad things happen. However, this denial causes increased anxiety and fear. Through education, discussion and a little pre-planning you can help to mitigate the internal fears and stresses that cause us to freeze and panic in dangerous situations. You can also put in to place now plans and procedures that will help to save lives should the day come.

This class is specifically designed for school administrators, teachers, para-educators and support staff. This is a lecture based course that will cover the following topics:

  • Survival Mindset
  • Understanding and accepting the Body’s Natural Responses
  • Color Codes of Awareness
  • Making Contact w/ Suspicious Persons
  • Active Shooter Incident Debriefs
  • Ways to Secure Your School/Classroom
  • Run/Hide/Fight
  • The Police Response
  • Post Incident Considerations

Course Investment: $500

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