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Street Combatives | Levels 1, 2 & 3

Our progressive Behaviorally-Based Combatives courses will dramatically improve your understanding of the physiology of real-world violence, sharpen your tools, and provide a blueprint for creating the most effective training programs possible.
These courses are all about efficiency during the most critical seconds of your life. This is not a liability reduction course, nor a “feel good” workshop. Instead it is about making yourself and those around you safer when faced with the threat of violence.

This series of courses is broken down in to 3 training blocks. In Level 1 we will spend the necessary time building a solid foundation with which all other drills and techniques will be based off of. A good portion of this class is lecture based where you will gain an intellectual understanding of what real violence looks like, how people often train for the wrong opponent/event and how your body/brain will respond in an ambush moment. You will then begin to learn the physical techniques based off of natural human behavior.

In Level 2 we will further discuss how most real world attacks start, what leads up to them and what signs/signals they exhibit prior to launching an attack. You will then continue to hone your ambush survival response and learn to weaponize your bodies natural responses to attack.

In Level 3 you will then begin to expound on the previous techniques taught and learn to better use them in unconventional positions. Street fights are not competitive back and forth matches with referees and matches. They are often one sided and overwhelming. This course will help to teach you how to turn the tide if you are ambushed and initially overwhelmed. You will learn to use unconventional methods of striking, usually from awkward positions, to help stem the tide and turn the tables and how to quickly and decisively end this encounter and escape.

What We Will Cover:

  • Training For The Right Opponent
  • Self Defense vs. Tactical Offense
  • Combatives Physiology – How The Brain Works
  • Fear & The Low Road/High Road Paradox
  • Understanding The Startle/Flinch
  • Developing Your Combatives Toolbox
  • Drill Design and Replication Training
  • Fight to Shoot Drills
  • Target Mapping and Why It Matters
  • Ambush Survival Combatives Evolutions

Course Length: 8 Hrs

Investment: $119 for each course

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