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Women’s Self Defense

Surviving a violent encounter does not take years of complicated training. It takes the proper mindset, situational awareness and a few basic techniques implemented quickly and aggressively. In this course you will be taught the type of mindset needed to win a violent encounter, tools and techniques to supplement that mindset, and the opportunity to use those techniques against live subjects in padded gear. You will also be given your very own kubaton that you can carry with you daily.

This course will start with a short lecture on mind set and what situational awareness actually means and consists of. We will then move in to the physical techniques of personal defense. Instead of teaching numerous complicated techniques we focus on a few basics that can be performed from any position. You will be taught a basic foundation that each technique is built upon. Each technique can be done empty handed, with a kubaton or with the use of most any other improvised weapon. At the conclusion of this course each participant will be given the opportunity to use these skills in a live simulation with an instructor in a padded suit. The goal of this simulation is to provide each participant with invaluable experiential knowledge so that should the need arise in the future to defend yourself it is not a foreign concept.

Each participant will receive training materials for future reference and further study and a kubaton for daily personal protection.

Course Length: 4 Hours

What to bring: Comfortable clothing, tennis shoes, water. Approximately 75% of this course is physical and hands on. It is not overly exerting, but you will work up a sweat. Be ready to learn, have fun and put some of these recently learned skills to the test!!

Investment: $75

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