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Combative Solutions LLC

Combative Solutions was founded by Tyler Christian as a way to promote effective and reliable self-defense techniques to confront violence commonly found in society today. Combining his expertise in law enforcement, martial arts, and firearms with his passion for teaching and safety, Tyler and his instructors integrate the most relevant skills from various disciplines and apply them to everyday situations. Through years of training combined with real life applications, these skills, techniques and lessons learned have been pared down to the most useful and practical methods of self defense. These are then taught to you in the hopes that you will become your own body guard and not reliant on someone else to protect you.

Combative Solutions, LLC teaches to all audiences, from those completely inexperienced to those with extensive martial arts, firearms, and combative backgrounds.

Since 2013, Combative Solutions has conducted numerous training classes, seminars, and private courses in Women’s Self Defense, Basic and Advanced Combative Techniques, Active Shooter, Workplace Violence and Surviving School Violence. Tyler and his instructors have traveled the country and partnered with other entities and organizations teaching courses for the military, law enforcement and citizens alike.

Combative Solutions’ ultimate goal in training is to provide you with the knowledge to recognize and avoid danger, as avoiding danger is always the best option. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you may try to avoid danger, you may not always be able. In cases when violence is not avoidable, it must be confronted. Our goal is to provide you with the skills necessary to confront danger and end conflict quickly so that you can escape to safety.

About Tyler

Tyler Christian is the owner and Founder of Combative Solutions, LLC. He began his career in law enforcement in 2002, and spent 9 years assigned to one of the most active SWAT teams in Washington State. Throughout his law enforcement career Tyler has found that most violence and crime is completely avoidable. He has also learned through experience that many of the techniques and theories that he was initially taught in martial arts only work in the dojo. After finding himself too many times on the responsive end of conflict, Tyler recognized that teaching people to be their own body guard would not only be a life-saving technique, but a proactive measure in recognizing and avoiding potentially life-threatening situations. Thus, Combative Solutions was formed.

Law Enforcement Experience
After graduating from the Washington State Criminal Justice Academy in 2002, Tyler was immediately assigned to the patrol division where he began to apply his martial arts and self defense training to real world encounters. Tyler spent a year assigned to the Civil Disturbance Team before being selected as a member of the SWAT team in 2005, where he excelled and was eventually appointed as an Assistant Team Leader. During his time on SWAT he gained thousands of hours of training and experience in high risk operations outside of an officer’s normal daily duties. He was one of the lead firearms instructors for the team and gained valuable experience conducting training in several areas, to include firearms, high risk entry, tubular and vehicle assaults, and combatives. During his tenure on SWAT, Tyler responded to over 200 missions. In 2013 he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. As a Sergeant, Tyler has been able to share his expertise in officer safety, firearms, and tactics with the patrol officers he supervises, and has successfully managed several high risk incidents.


Martial Arts Experience
Tyler currently holds a 1st Degree Black Belt in Shudokan Karate. Since 1999, he has trained intensely in this and several other martial arts styles to include Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, and Goshin Jitsu. While he appreciates the art and style of these disciplines, his law enforcement career and real world application has taught him that more practical and combative skills are necessary for self-defense and survival. Tyler continues to pursue training methodologies that translate to violence most commonly found on the street. He has spent countless hours learning the psychology and the body’s physiological response to violence that resonate and directly translate to the types of encounters he sees on the street. As a martial arts instructor, Tyler’s passion is making the information useful and relevant to those with whom he trains and their everyday situations.


Weapons Experience

Tyler is also a certified instructor for handgun, rifle, sub-machine gun, knife, and active shooter training. He holds certifications from various organizations to include the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center, Glock Training Inc, Tap-Rack Tactical, Arrestling and the National Rifle Association. As his department’s lead firearms instructor and range master, Tyler is a recognized expert in both handguns and rifles. From 2002 to 2006 he was heavily involved in IDPA competition and was the 2004-2005 Washington State Champion.  Tyler also serves as the department’s Range Master and lead firearms instructor. In this role, he has brought major change and improvement to the program, training other officers to more effectively use their weapons in lethal force encounters. Tyler pushes himself and his officers to become proficient in this area, as he knows that oftentimes the only thing that stands between a peaceful society and violent society is law enforcement.On his perpetual quest for self-improvement, Tyler continually pushes his own boundaries and strives to help others realize their own potential.

List of Tyler’s Certifications and Training

–          Washington State Peace Officer Certification (Criminal Justice Training Commission – CJTC)
–          Washington State Basic Academy (CJTC)
–          Interview and Interrogation (Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training
–          Drug Investigation (Public Agency Training Council)
–          Domestic Drug Interdiction (Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training)
–          Undercover Operations (CJTC)
–          Pre-Supervisor Course (CJTC)
–          Tactical Science (Field Command LLC)
–          Force Encounters Analysis (California Training Institute)
–          Hazmat Technician (Boeing Security and Fire Protection)
–          Rolling Surveillance (LCI Services)
–          Instructor Development (CJTC)
–          Protection Security Detail (Global One)
–          Marijuana Grow Operations (California Narcotics Officers Association)
–          Leadership in Police Organizations (International Association of Chiefs of Police)
–          First Level Supervision (CJTC)
–          WA State Certified First Level Supervisor (CJTC)
–          Crisis Intervention Team
–          Mirror Imaging (Aeneaus Group International)
–          Tactical Science (Field Command LLC)
–          Force Encounters Analysis (California Training Institute)
–          Basic SWAT (CJTC)
–          SWAT Team Leader (Tap – Rack Tactical)
–          Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings (New Mexico Tech)
–          Incident Response to Suicide Bombings (New Mexico Tech)
–          Initial Response to Suicide Bombings (New Mexico Tech)
–          Bullet Proof Warrior (Calibre Press)
–          Winning Extreme Encounters from the Street to the Court (Force Science Institute)
–          Active Shooter Instructor (National Tactical Officers Association)
–          Handgun Level 1 (CJTC)
–          Carbine and Submachine Gun Instructor (Tap-Rack Tactical)
–          Tactical Handgun and Rifle (Practical Edge Shooting)
–          EAG Tactical Pistol 2
–          EAG Tactical Rifle 2
–          2004 IDPA State Champion – Marksman Division
–          2005 IDPA State Champion – Marksman Division
–          2006 2nd Place IDPA State Championships – Sharpshooter Division
–          Colt M16/AR-15 Armorer
–          Colt 1911 Armorer
–          Sig Sauer Armorer
–          Glock Armorer
–          Dynamic Carbine 2 (Magpul Dynamics)
–          Basic Carbine (LMS Defense)
–          Certified NRA Handgun Instructor
–          Certified NRA Rifle Instructor
–          Glock Pistol Instructor
–          T.A.P.S. – Pat McNamara
–          Tactical Vision – Sniper Craft
–         Tactical Duty Knife Instructor (Arrestling)
–          Shudokan 1st Degree Black Belt
–          CDT Level 1 – Controlled Directional Takedown
–          Combat Focus Shooting Instructor Development

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