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Do camera REALLY make you safer?

Do camera REALLY make you safer?

Recently I was watching the local news, something I don’t do much of for various reasons.  However, this night I was contacted by a friend who told me to turn the channel in order to watch a news clip that was about to air.  When I turned the channel I found a news clip on Q13 Fox in regards to Seattle citizens concerned for their safety and that of the community due to a recent up tick in violent crime.  As the community leaders and neighbors met to discuss the problem, the idea of cameras was introduced in an effort to keep the citizens of that community safe.  There is on going debate in regards to the legality of the cameras and a further invasion of privacy by Big Brother.  However, while they continue to debate the legalities and opinions in regards to the placement of the cameras nothing is being done to actually further enhance the safety of those who live in those areas or anywhere in general.

In many instances we have become a society who is willingly dependent on others for our safety, security and well being.  A growing number of our society are looking for easy hand outs, for all the reward without the risk.  We are slowly giving away our individualism for some collective good in hopes that we will never have to suffer the pains of making our own way in this world. We would rather look to government or social justice groups to take care of us and help to ensure a life without conflict.  This, however, is not reality.

In regards to the cameras specifically, they will not help you to be safer while walking down the street.  They will not stop you from being mugged, raped or murdered.  They are a band-aid to a much larger problem.  How many years have cameras been around?  In how many local gas stations, ATM’s, banks, grocery stores, businesses and even police cars are cameras set up to monitor criminal activity?  Thousands, millions?  How many countless hours of footage have been recorded by these cameras?  In one instance can you name for me a time when someone was saved from violence because a camera was installed?

If we use the theory that placing cameras on light poles keep us safer then no police officer should have ever been shot and killed during a traffic stop, right?  However, in this Youtube video (WARNING: Graphic) that is widely used and played amongst law enforcement trainers you can CLEARLY see that the camera does nothing to help the officer win this fight and return home to his family.  Ya, but that’s police officers.  That stuff is supposed to happen to them, right?  Well, how about here in this Youtube clip of  a Target parking lot when a girl is abducted in broad daylight.  Again, please point out the instant the camera steps in and saves this girl from the abduction, a potential pending rape and murder?  Oh wait, it doesn’t?

Approximately 13 years ago I was at a Law Enforcement training event for teenagers who were interested in becoming police officers.  The officer teaching the class asked the group what the most important thing an officer carried with him/her was.  The most obvious answered it seemed to most was the officers firearm.  The instructor said, “Nope, more important than your firearm….your radio.”  When he said this, I didn’t argue but immediately felt very uneasy about not only this guys answer but his mental state.  His reasoning was that if and when you were being attacked you could just simply get on the radio, yell and scream and soon all of your friends will magically appear and rescue you from pending hospitalization and/or death.  The problem is, again, this is not reality.  I could keep showing clip after clip of officers yelling into their radio for help while being attacked and in all of those videos you will not see help mysteriously appear.

YOU!!!  You are the weapon, you are the only thing right now that will come to your aid, to assist you in this time of need.  No camera will come to your rescue.  Many times other citizens will not come to your rescue as seen in the previous abduction clip above and as demonstrated in previous Facebook posts we have posted.  There is no one who cares more for you and your survival than you do.  Bear this always in mind.  There is a time and a place where 911 should be called and where these video cameras will come in handy.  But not at the moment of truth, not when the safety of you and your family is on the line.  Let the video be one thing and one thing only, a lesson to all those who are watching who would wish to inflict violence upon another member of society.  That what happened here may happen to you also.  That the good men and women of our communities will not sit idly by while you terrorize our neighborhoods, our schools, our churches and our public domains.


May this never be you!  Commit right now that your child or family member will never have to experience the loss of you because you chose to rely on cameras, government or other mystical creations and people for your safety and security.

Written by Tyler Christian