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Would be beneficial for other schools to receive the same training…

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for speaking with our staff. I thought your presentation was informative. It was reassuring to recognize that as a staff at Pioneer we are capable of helping to minimize or prevent any unforeseen event that puts the lives of our students in jeopardy.

I appreciate your insight on what we can do to keep our students safe in the classroom during a crisis, and how to react during the event as well as after.

I appreciate your honesty about dealing with fear and the importance of understanding what biologically is happening as well as psychologically , allowing us to be able to make the best decisions in a situation that could be extremely chaotic.

Your ability to provide input from personal and professional circumstances was engaging as well as providing several books, and videos to supplement the information being taught.

I think that the presentation was effective for the time allotted, and I think that it would be beneficial for other schools to receive the same training. I know that there are several times throughout the school year where time is allotted for training to take place and I would strongly urge the district to consider your program in raising the awareness of other staff and school employees.

Thank you again for your time.

Testimonial by Jay M. - 5th Grade Elementary School Teacher