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Thanks for checking us out!

Thanks for checking us out!

Hey guys,

Thanks for checking out our website.

We are currently in the process of building up the site and providing you with training videos, product reviews and information regarding personal protection.  Our goal is to cover topics that apply to everyone; from the soldier fighting the war on terror to the mom walking her kids in the park and everyone in between.

As we progress we will cover a wide array of topics and hopefully give you information and techniques that you can immediately implement.  If there is a topic you would like discussed or a question you have regarding anything related to; self protection, firearms, less lethal options, mindset, gear or anything else please send us an email and ask your question.  We will post your question, answer it and provide an opportunity for others to comment and offer their insights.

We will also use this blog to help promote future classes that you can attend where you will learn invaluable skills and techniques.  You may just be interested in learning about basic self defense, first aid/CPR or how to load and unload a handgun.  Or you may already have years of training and experience and are looking for something new and different.  Our goal at Combative Solutions is to provide you with skills that you can use and immediately implement in your daily life.

Thanks again,

Be safe! And if you can’t be safe, be violent.

Written by Tyler Christian